June 8, 2021

Plumbing Bros were lucky enough to take out the overall Business of the Year Award in 2019. At that stage we were a fast growing local plumbing business with just 18 staff. Fast forward to now and we are a national white-collared plumbing business opportunity that operates in 8 different locations around Australia, with over 100 people within our organisation. We have also expanded our services into Electrical with the birth of Electrical Bros in May.


The award back in 2019 was a catalyst for our local brand awareness and recognition, which helped launchpad our unique business model to a national market. Upon accepting the award we received a significant amount of positive local media attention which was pivotal in making Plumbing Bros a trusted household name.


2020 was a tough year for most businesses and the people within, therefore I encourage all aspiring businesses and leaders to reflect back on the challenges and also the wins, big or little, and tell your story by entering this years awards. Who knows, you might just be looking at the next incredible growth story…