Award Partners

Micro Business of the Year

Presented by

Stirling Business Centre 

Stirling Business Centre opened in 2005 through the joint effort of Stirling Business Association and the then Stirling Business Enterprise Centre forming a joint committee with the City of Stirling to apply for Federal Government funding available for small business projects. Since opening Stirling Business Centre has supported more than 150 small businesses to grow and flourish. Stirling Business Centre provides support to the local small business community with training, mentoring, business advice and counselling and networking. Stirling Business Centre has recently undergone a physical transformation that better meets the demands of the modern entrepreneur and continues to focus on developing a community of supportive, collaborative and engaged businesses who can all succeed together.

What excites you the most about the future of small business in the city of Stirling?

With the Stirling region located so close to Perth CBD, hosting many small businesses across many sectors and continued investment in the area there will be many new opportunities for small business owners. It will be crucial that each business has the knowledge to identify the right opportunity for them, the right advice to know the business is ready to pursue them and a strong network in order to fully maximise the opportunities presented. Stirling Business Centre is committed to providing the platform that will best assist business owners today and tomorrow to make the most of these opportunities and bringing continued innovation and prosperity to Stirling.

Why did you choose to be the Award Partner for Micro Business of the Year?

Stirling Business Centre is the perfect stepping stone for micro businesses who have outgrown their home office and are looking to be surrounded by a community of local business owners in a supportive and collaborative environment. With competitively priced office space, education and mentoring programs, meeting rooms, an abundance of parking and a vibrant community Stirling Business Centre is unbeatable for nurturing our micro businesses to be the business leaders of tomorrow.


New Business of the Year

Presented by

City of Stirling

The City of Stirling is a vibrant and exciting place to live, work and invest. It is centrally located and is close to major transport routes. The City is home to a vibrant and multicultural community of over 220,000 people, making it an ideal place to establish a diverse range of small businesses. The natural surroundings; retail and entertainment options; and high-quality services provide a high quality of life to our residents and business owners.

What excites you the most about the future of small business in the city of Stirling?

Small to medium businesses are a vital component of Stirling’s local economy, with over 20,000 small businesses working across all industries. Our small business community plays an important role in helping to diversify the West Australian economy, with opportunities emerging in tourism, the arts, technology, education and other services. It is an exciting time for the City of Stirling as we implement major projects across the City that offer new business opportunities. Small businesses will be at the centre of this growth and continue to be a major employer in our City.

Why did you choose to be the Award Partner for the Best New Business Category?

Starting a new business is a big decision for any individual. The City has chosen to support this award because we know that new businesses have the potential to go on to achieve great things. Whether a business continues to operate as small-medium enterprise, or expands to become a large business, they play an important role in our local economy. The City is proud to support new businesses as they go on this journey.


Community Hero of the Year

Presented by

Michael Keenan MP

Michael Keenan MP is the Federal Member for Stirling and has held the seat in Australia’s House of Representatives for the past 14 years. Since being elected in 2004, Michael has represented his community on all federal government matters and has worked hard to secure millions of dollars in funding for important projects and local initiatives. This includes delivering more than $290 million in funding for Stirling schools, millions of dollars for important infrastructure projects including the upgrade of Reid Highway, delivering funding to support crime prevention, and supporting vital tax cuts for small businesses. In December 2017, Michael was promoted into Cabinet and sworn in as the Minister for Human Services. His previous ministerial duties also include Minister for Justice (September 2013-December 2017) and Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Counter-Terrorism (May 2015 – December 2017). For more information, please visit

What excites you the most about the future of small business in the city of Stirling?

After working in my family’s small business for many years, I understand the critical role small business plays in Australia’s continued prosperity and job creation. A strong small business sector means more jobs for Australians and more opportunities to build vibrant local communities. Through lower taxes, simpler paperwork, help to purchase new equipment and access to new markets through three new trade agreements, the Coalition Government is working hard to keep small business in the driver’s seat. As the Federal Member for Stirling I also understand the importance of the role the Small Business Association (SBA) plays in our community to support local small business owners. That is why in 2017 I helped to secure more than $20,000 to help fund the Stirling Small Business Centre, to allow businesses and individuals to come together and share their experiences, skills sets and ideas with others. I look forward to continuing to support the SBA and the more than 17,000 businesses located in my electorate over the next few years.

Why did you choose to be the Award Partner for Community Hero of the Year?

The Community Hero of the Year category celebrates and acknowledges the fantastic work of not-for-profit organisations in our local community. Not-for-profits are businesses, just like any for-profit corporation they rely on book-keepers, communication officers, graphic designers and other specialised workers to ensure smooth-operation. Their income however is instead used to grow the organisation and support its mission, all of them providing valuable programs to support individuals in our community. As the Federal Member for Stirling I have had the privilege of meeting with numerous local not-for-profits who are all doing a tremendous job advocating for a particular social cause. That is why I have chosen to be the Award Partner for this category – to acknowledge and thank them for all that they do to support local residents in need.

Cultural Diversity and Inclusivity Champion

Presented by

Kaleidoscope Initiative

We are all about harnessing the economic benefits of migration and cultural diversity by enabling newcomers to achieve their employment goals and supporting employers to reap the rewards of a diverse workforce. We believe the cultural diversity of our community and our workforce is a significant economic asset and a driver for creativity and innovation.

The Kaleidoscope Initiative is a partnership between the City of Stirling, the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC), and the Office of Multicultural Interests, and supported by the Western Australian Government’s Local Projects, Local Jobs Program.

What excites you the most about the future of small business in the city of Stirling?

According to 2018 report by GU insurance 1/3 of small businesses in Australia are run by Migrants. Migrants not only run business but can also be champions for employing a diverse workforce and creating a inclusive culture.

Why did you choose to be the Award Partner for Employer of the Year?

KI knows how innovative the small business sector is and wants to help shine the light on those organisations who are leading the way in innovate and successful diverse and inclusive workforce practices.